Having accurate account information is important. Occasionally, United Power will contact you regarding service in your area or to notify you of important updates or events. Your phone number is used to locate your account when you use our automated outage reporting system. Please keep your contact information up-to-date so we can reach you. United Power does not share account information with outside third parties.

Update Phone Number/Email

Please log in to your online account to change your phone number or call our Automated Account Services line at 303-637-1375. 

You can update your email using the form here.

Name Change/Add Name

To change the name on your account or to add a second name for capital credit purposes, please contact Member Services or call 303-637-1300.

Third Party Notification

Some members may find it beneficial to have a third party receive copies of special notices from United Power. To add a third party to your electric account please download and complete a Third-Party Notification Form and return it to United Power.

Landlord Information

Landlords with property in United Power’s service territory are encouraged to complete a Landlord/Tenant Agreement. Completing this form informs United Power on how to bill your properties and whether to shut service off when they become vacant. Authorizing us to switch service to another name and requesting that we do not shut off service is very important, especially during colder months.

United Power recommends that landlords require their tenants to sign the Third Party Notification Form. This will authorize United Power to mail copies of special notices to the landlord.

NOTE TO LANDLORDS: Please inform United Power when you sell rental properties so we can de-activate the Landlord/Tenant Agreement.

Medically Necessary Devices

United Power provides some of the most reliable power in the nation, but sometimes factors beyond our control, such as severe weather, may result in an extended power outage. We understand this is especially worrisome for members who rely on life-sustaining medical equipment. The cooperative can place a medical flag on member accounts to alert employees when the power is interrupted and has resources to help families create a back-up plan in the event of an extended outage. 

Account Updates Medical Resource Plan