Rates, Rules & Regulations

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Bylaws are like an official game plan on how the co-op is to be run and operated. The Board of Directors uses the bylaws as a guide when making business decisions for the cooperative. Occasionally, bylaws are revised to reflect the changing times. You can download the most recent version of the Bylaws of United Power, Inc. below, or call us at 303-659-0551 and we’ll gladly mail you a copy.

United Power Bylaws

The following information and materials routinely utilized by United Power in conducting its business shall be available to its members upon request:

A. Rate schedules, rules and regulations and other tariff sheets.
B. Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
C. Published policies adopted by the Board of Directors.
D. Pamphlets, brochures and similar material.
E. Newsletters and published operating statistics.
F. List of names and business addresses of current Board of Directors and Officers.
G. Other information and material routinely distributed to consumers and the public.
H. Minutes of Membership Meetings.
I. Approved Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meetings.
J. IRS Form 990.
K. Colorado Secretary of State Filings.

The Chief Executive Officer and designees shall have the authority to provide the general information described above to those members requesting such information. If the member is unable to obtain the information from the publicly referenced resources provided or the information is not available on a public resource, then the member must submit the Information Request Form C-11a, and the request will be processed under Section 4. Please contact United Power's Executive Office at 303-659-0551 to request cooperative information. 

C-11 Disclosure of Information