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Smart Rewards

What is Smart Rewards?

Through Smart Rewards from United Power, your smart thermostat will automatically shift energy use to help us reduce load on the electric grid. When you help us save, we will pass those savings along to you. Earn $25 for each summer you participate. 

Here's How it Works 

  • Enroll a qualified smart thermostat in Smart Rewards. Enroll below or through your smart thermostat app.
  • Your smart thermostat will curb energy use during peak energy times to reduce load and keep energy costs low.
  • You’ll earn a $25 bill credit at the end of the cooling season.

PLUS! Your new smart thermostat may also qualify for a rebate from United Power.

Qualifying Thermostats

Eligible thermostats must have Wi-Fi capability and be enrolled in Smart Rewards. A complete list of qualifying Honeywell devices, including model numbers, can be referenced here.



T5 Smart
T6 Pro Smart
T9 Smart
T10 Pro Smart with REDLINK


Total Connect Comfort

Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
Prestige IAQ
VisionPRO 8000


Nest Learning
Google Nest
Nest Thermostat E

What to Expect

During certain times of the day, there are periods when demand for electricity can spike. To cover this higher demand for energy, United Power must either purchase expensive peak power or encourage members to shift their energy use.

Your smart thermostat will help United Power save energy when it's most expensive - typically on very hot summer days when energy demand is very high.

  • Before each energy event, you will receive a notification on your thermostat and thermostat app.
  • Events will occur only on weekdays between 12 p.m. and 9 p.m. and last no more than four hours.
  • Only one event per day, and there will never be more than three events in a week.
  • Your thermostat may adjust temperatures before and during an event to balance comfort and energy savings. You can manually adjust the temperature setting at any time if you are uncomfortable.
  • When the event is over, your smart thermostat will return to its regular temperature schedule.

Smart Rewards credits will be applied to your United Power billing statement at the end of each cooling season - typically in October.

Smart Rewards Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a United Power member with permanent residential electric service.
  • Have a qualifying smart thermostat model that is continuously connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Have and maintain a working central air conditioner, heat pump, or geothermal system. 
  • Have an active account with a qualified thermostat manufacturer and have the thermostat linked to that account. For Honeywell, you will need to register a device with Honeywell Home, Resideo, or Total Connect Comfort. For Nest, you must have the device registered to a Google Nest account.
  • Agree to the program terms and conditions.
  • Remain enrolled for the full cooling season (June - Sept.)

To un-enroll from the Smart Rewards program, please contact United Power at 303-637-1300 or e-mail the Energy Programs team.

Smart Rewards is a bring-your-own device load management program, designed to reward customers for saving energy when energy demand is high using Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats. United Power members who own a qualifying smart thermostat and enroll in Smart Rewards receive an annual participation credit each year they are enrolled.

You can enroll up to two smart thermostats in the Smart Rewards program and you will receive a $25 credit for each device in the program.

Smart Rewards $25 credits are typically applied to October billing statements for members who participate during the entire cooling season. See complete program terms and conditions.

In addition to the annual bill credit, owning a smart thermostat can help you save energy and money by learning household energy patterns and automatically adjusting home temperatures. A smart thermostat will help increase comfort while you are home and save money while you are away.

Smart Rewards is available for members with any Google Nest device and select Honeywell Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats. Click here for a complete list of qualifying Honeywell models to ensure eligibility.

Smart thermostats are sold at all major retailers, through HVAC contractors, hardware stores, and online direct from the manufacturer. You may purchase a smart thermostat at a retailer of your choice.

Currently, United Power offers rebates and Smart Rewards incentives on Google Nest and select Honeywell smart thermostats. 

To qualify for a rebate, your device must be a new purchase and must be enrolled in the Smart Rewards program. Rebate applications are submitted separately from Smart Rewards program enrollment and must be submitted with proof of purchase within 90 days of purchase. Complete rebate details can be found here. Rebates are applied as a bill credit and take 6 to 8 weeks to process.

Honeywell devices are managed through a family of Honeywell apps. Find out more about the right app for your Honeywell device here.

Yes, your smart thermostat does not need to be a new purchase to qualify for Smart Rewards. Enroll your Nest or Honeywell smart thermostat and earn $25 each year.

Google Nest and select Honeywell smart thermostats can participate in Smart Rewards. See the list of qualified Honeywell models to see if your model is eligible.

To receive smart thermostat rebates, you must apply within 90 days of purchase.

Congratulations on your new home. If your new smart thermostat is a Nest or qualifying Honeywell model, you can enroll in Smart Rewards to earn a bill credit each year for helping us to curb peak power usage. Smart thermostat rebates are designed to help members upgrade from older non-programmable models, so equipment that came included with your new home does not qualify for rebates.

Both Nest and Honeywell provide guides for installing a smart thermostat including video tutorials available online. If you are not comfortable installing a device yourself, your local HVAC contractor can quickly install your thermostat for a fee.

Members seeking assistance with installation, troubleshooting, or programming with their Honeywell smart thermostat should visit the Honeywell support page.

Members seeking assistance with installation, troubleshooting, or programming with their Nest smart thermostat should visit the Google Nest support page.


Smart Thermostat Rebates

Couple Smart Rewards with a rebate on the purchase of a new smart thermostat.

Smart Thermostat Rebates