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Within our service territory there are several nonprofit organizations that bring value to the community or communities they help support. Member Choice Grants allow our members to nominate a nonprofit organization within the cooperative's service territory to receive grant funds from United Power. These grants will help them continue to work toward accomplishing their mission and serve the local community. In this way, we are able to support the causes our members truly care about. 

Nominating an organization to receive a Member Choice Grant is as simple as filling out the form below and providing a brief reason why you feel the organization should receive the grant. 

In 2021, United Power awarded six (6) nonprofit organizations nominated by our members with a $1,000 Member Choice Grant, announced in the United Newsline.

Member Choice Grant nominations are now open for 2023. Deadline to submit your nomination is Sept. 29.

Nominate an Organization to Receive a Member Choice Grant

Please fill out the following form to submit your nomination for a Member Choice Grant.

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High Country Auxiliary and the Mead High School Band have been selected based on nominations submitt...
Community Uplift Partnership, located in Commerce City, and the Soul Dog Rescue have been selected b...
Let Your Light Shine, located in Brighton, and the Highlandlake & Mead, Historical Society have been...

Member Choice Grants Renewed for 2021

Monday | January 11, 2021
Members will be able to nominate their favorite local nonprofits to receive grant funds from the coo...

To receive a Member Choice Grant, nominated organization must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit operating within the cooperative's service territory and serving United Power members. Organizations that further religious doctrines or political parties are not eligible for Member Choice Grants. Organizations that participate in "re-granting" programs are also not eligible to receive Member Choice Grants.