Invest in Clean, Renewable Power

United Power members can purchase clean, renewable electric power through United Power’s Green Power Partners program. As a Green Power Partner, you can invest in renewable power by purchasing 100 kilowatt-hour blocks. Sign up to purchase as many blocks as you would like.

Your participation in Green Power Partners helps to direct Tri-State Generation and Transmission to purchase new, renewable energy to add to the power mix.

United Power’s Green Power Partners are currently purchasing renewable wind energy through Tri-State from a variety of sources. Tri-State purchases wind power from Platte River Power Authority’s wind farm located near Medicine Bow, Wyoming, and from Basin Electric’s Prairie Winds Program, which consists of six wind projects totaling 85 megawatts. Wind power and other renewable resources such as small hydropower, biomass, and solar energy are purchased on the open market by Tri-State through a system of “green tags” or “green certificates.”

Every dollar invested in this program goes toward the purchase of new, renewable electric power production, such as wind, solar, and biomass, and fund research and development of emerging renewable technologies.

Current Price: $0.10/block
Effective Jan. 1, 2024

Price may fluctuate slightly from month-to-month or season-to-season.
This page is updated to reflect current prices.

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Our Renewable Commitment

United Power has built a reputation for adopting and implementing innovative technology to deliver reliable, efficient, and beneficial power its members. Since powering the first community solar project in Colorado, the cooperative has kept an eye on emerging technology it can bring online to provide safe, reliable energy.