United Power Net Metering Application - No Larger than 25 kW

Residential / Small Commercial Distributive Generation

Member must read the requirements for the United Power / Solar Electric Program, agree to, and sign the Terms and Conditions for Interconnecting an Inverter-Based Generation Facility No Larger than 25 kW. Upon submittal of this online application, United Power will:

  1. Review the member’s application for accuracy and whether this applicant is qualified for interconnection to the distribution system. A copy of the electrical one-line drawing for the proposed project will be required with submission of this form.
    • This is a pre-approval process. A member can make changes in equipment, orientation or installers during the process but must document and receive approval from United Power for any changes from the original application.
  2. E-mail you a link for signing and submitting the Terms and Conditions for Interconnecting an Inverter-Based Generation Facility No Larger than 25 kW with instructions for submitting the $200 application fee. 

Approval Process:

  • Acknowledgement: After the review, the member will receive from United Power an e-mail acknowledging receipt of the application and whether the application has been approved or denied.
  • Completed System Installation: Once the system has been installed, United Power will provide a link to the form for submitting the following: final design drawings, a digital picture of the 200 amp production meter housing, a digital picture of the external AC manual disconnect switch, a digital image of the inverter nameplate, and any other supporting documentation as necessary to verify the equipment and orientation of the system against the specifications from the original application.


  • Member needs to install a 200 amp AMI production sub-meter housing to register the actual production of the system. This housing will be behind the actual net-meter at the site. United Power will install this sub-meter.
  • Member needs to install an external AC manual disconnect.
  • It is recognized by the member that any projected value of the electricity produced by these systems is not guaranteed by the utility. Changes in rates, rate structures or net-metering policy could affect this value and existing practices will not be grandfathered.
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