Electrical Service For New Commercial Construction

While filling out the above application, please remember to attached any site plans and CAD files. Please fill out and submit Landbase App for any CAD files. Once submitted, a project manager/coordinator will review your request and create a work/design order. Please allow up to 10 business days for the design and cost letter to be sent out, but larger projects may take up to 20 business days. (Note: A coordinator may request a site visit prior to this letter being sent.)

Payment will need to be made up front. 

Once payment has been received, a Right of Way (ROW) review can begin, if necessary. Once complete, the work order is assigned and scheduled by Operations. Scheduling can usually be made 4-6 weeks out.

Upon completion of construction, an electrician-installed meter housing will need to be inspected by the city and/or county. Secondary line is brought to United Power's transformer by an electrician. United Power will provide the meter housing and CTs. 

After inspection, a meter release is sent to United Power and forwarded to Operations. It may take between 2-10 business days for meters to be set.