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United Power members have the unique opportunity to have a voice in the future of their electric utility. Each year, our members’ votes in the Director Election determine who will represent them on the co-op’s Board of Directors. As an electric cooperative, your participation in the annual election is critical to helping the co-op better serve its members. 

Every Vote Matters Equally

United Power is a not-for-profit cooperative owned and controlled by the members it serves. When you become a member, you automatically receive the benefits all other members share, including the right to vote for board representation. As a member, your vote is equal to any other member’s vote, regardless of the kind of account they have or how large it is. “One member, one vote” is part of the cooperative principle known as Democratic Member Control. Director candidates must also live or work within United Power’s service territory, so you know you will be voting for someone who understands your community’s needs. They could even be your friends or neighbors. 

Running for a Board Position

The primary difference between an investor-owned utility (IOU) and a cooperative is democratic control. IOUs make decisions to appease stakeholders and shareholders who might not live in the same state, let alone the same community. Any United Power member who meets the qualifications outlined in the bylaws is eligible to run for a position on the cooperative’s eleven-member Board of Directors. Directors serve three-year terms in one of four geographical districts. Members vote on an “at-large” basis, explained in more detail next.

Voting in the Election

Balloting opens in March. United Power encourages all members to cast their votes in this year’s election. Members may vote electronically through their online account, or via mail ballots, sent to all members in mid-March. Directors represent all members and are therefore elected on an “at-large” basis. This means members may cast a vote for a director in each district and not just their own. Directors serve in geographic districts to ensure adequate accessibility for members and to provide a representative cross-section of United Power’s member base in the cooperative’s governing body. Find how you can cast your ballot here.

Your vote always matters. To learn more about a director candidate, consider attending our Meet the Candidates event on March 19. Candidates will be announced in February, and candidate statements will be printed in the March newsletter and available online.

2024 Director Election

This year, four positions on the United Power Board are up for election at the 2024 Annual Meeting & Director Election, scheduled for Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Members may submit their votes electronically, via mail ballot, or in person at the Annual Meeting. 

More information about how members may vote in this year’s Director Election