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United Power is committed to providing members with tools and resources to take control of their energy use. This new year it is easier to become more energy efficient. 

Rates that Work for You

Changes in work life over the past few years have made many members more aware of the ways they use energy. Now is a good time to review your rate options and choose one that works for you and your family. United Power’s residential rates are designed to fit a variety of lifestyles and enable members to select a rate that fits their usage patterns. 

For more information about United Power’s rates, visit our Residential Rates page, or to have a member services representative review your history and recommend a rate option, call 303-637-1300.

Free Member Resources

United Power’s website and online account portal are rich resources to help members understand and manage their energy usage. Through the online account portal, available on the web or via the United Power mobile app, members can see detailed energy data and historical comparisons. Learn more here.

The cooperative also has an online calculator to help members understand what drives their demand. More tools and resources are available for members on our My Energy page.

‘Smart’ Way to Save on Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling accounts for approximately half your annual energy usage on average, making it the most expensive part of your energy costs. The most efficient way to manage your heating and cooling is installing a smart thermostat, which gives you control even when you are not home. A simple adjustment to your thermostat could save you as much as 10% annually, according to the Department of Energy, which recommends adjusting your temperature a couple degrees when you are home and a couple more when you are away. Many smart thermostats can learn your schedule and make these adjustments automatically. 

Click here to learn more about United Power’s Smart Rewards program and smart thermostat rebates.

Talk to an Energy Management Specialist

A United Power energy management specialist is available to walk through your energy concerns, analyze your usage, and provide you with practical information you can use to control your energy usage. They can walk you through available rates, programs, and rebates to ensure you are maximizing your energy usage. 

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